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MysticMC Terms Of Service

    1. The term "the player" will be used and defined as the person purchasing and the person receiving the goods and services provided by MysticMC.
    2. The term "MysticMC" will refer to the company MysticMC, it's parent company, it's shareholders, and it's owners
    3. MysticMC is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Minecraft, Mojang, or Microsoft.
    4. By purchasing and/or using goods and services from MysticMC, you understand and agree to abide by the terms on this page. If the player does not agree with anything in this document, do not purchase anything and cease using MysticMC's services. Contact MysticMC staff at [email protected] for any clarification.
    5. Failure to abide by any rules outlined by MysticMC listed either on the Discord OR Minecraft server(s) may result in the punishment of the player including, but not limited to a permanent or temporary ban from using MysticMC's services. Purchasing items from the store does not grant immunity or reduce any punishments that are given out at the discretion of MysticMC staff and may occur at any given time after the offending action. The listed rules may be changed at any given moment without any warnings, and/or discussions so it is the responsibility of the player to be up to date on the current rules.
    6. Anything obtained on the MysticMC servers whether obtained through purchasing them through the store or earned in-game is owned solely by MysticMC. The player has no ownership of any kind to their virtual goods or virtual currency, including but not limited to no property, proprietary, intellectual property, ownership, or monetary interest.
    1. To the extent permitted by law, the total liability of MysticMC is limited to the amount the player paid to use MysticMC services.
    2. MysticMC will NOT be liable to the player for any goods lost due to the player's negligence. This includes but is not limited to the destruction of their goods, giving away their goods, leaving their goods in an unsecured location resulting in their theft, selling their goods to other users, and purchasing items with a full inventory thus resulting in the item being lost.
    1. All sales are final and the player will not be granted a refund or compensation unless otherwise granted by a MysticMC administrator at their own discretion.
      1. Purchases made without the consent of the cardholder will be granted a refund though the player will be banned from all MysticMC services.
      2. Purchases made within 24 hours and were not used in any way will be granted a refund though the player will be banned from all MysticMC services.
    2. The player must have express permission from the cardholder, and/or be of legal age to use the provided payment gateways. The player must also abide by the terms of service of said payment gateway providers (Eg. Stripe, PayPal).
    3. Although the player will receive the goods as listed on the storefront at the point of purchase, any goods and services purchased by the player from MysticMC may be discontinued, modified, and/or terminated without any warning, discussions, and/or refunds.
    4. Service downtime may occur throughout the player's time using MysticMC's services and will not entitle the player to any compensation whatsoever. In the event that MysticMC no longer offers its services including but not limited to shutting down, or extended maintenance, players will not receive compensation or refunds.
    1. The player must be of legal age defined by their legal jurisdiction to use any gambling devices (loot crates, gambling crates, or any chance-based reward system). If the player is not meet these requirements, or the gambling devices do not comply with your local laws, you do NOT have MysticMC's permission to use them, and the player will NOT use them.
    2. The odds (percent chances) on rewards given by any gambling device supplied by MysticMC will be guaranteed to be accurate at the time of use and are calculated by dividing the reward chance by the total percent chances of all items. The odds and rarity of rewards from any gambling device may be modified without any warning, discussions, and/or refunds at any time while not in use by any users.